Baking in a heatwave-Lemon Zucchini muffins

When I made these cupcakes it was so hot and it had been so hot for weeks. My house does not have air conditioning, so when it is hot outside oh my gosh it is a sauna inside. I seen this recipe a few days prior and really wanted to make them, and the more I waited for nice weather the more I wanted to try them. So, on this day I decided screw it I am going to bake them. I waited till the sun went down in hopes that the house would be cooler. That actually did not work out but oh well I baked them anyway and they were so good. I have put the recipe below and a clip of the video as well.

Lemon Zucchini muffins

1 3/4 cup flour
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
2 cups shredded zucchini
1/2 cup vegetable oil
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp lemon juice (1 lemon yields 2 tsp zest and 2 tbsp of juice)
2 tsp lemon zest

Optional lemon glaze

2 tbsp granulated sugar
1 tbsp lemon juice

Combine sugar and lemon juice in a small glass bowl. stir lightly. microwave for 15 seconds. Stir. Microwave another 10 seconds. let sit while you make the muffin-mixture thickens slightly with time.

muffin directions

  1. preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. combine dry ingredients in a medium sized bowl. add in zucchini and other wet ingredients and stir to combine. Dough will be thick. (try not to use an electric mixture with muffins they have better texture and rise higher when you mix them by hand!).
  3. Let sit about 5 minutes while  you line the muffin tin with cupcake liners. stir again- dough will be less thick.
  4. scoop about 3 tbsp into each muffin liner about 3/4 full. bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.
  5. let cool. brush with lemon glaze.

YouTube video


The Struggle Is Real

I haven’t posted in a while I am not going to say sorry, but I will say I will try harder.

It sucks when you feel like life has paused and that no matter what you do it feels like you are sinking in quicksand. While everyone around you is going about life, doing amazing things, being happy and free.

I know this thought is in my head and at times I allow it to overshadow my emotions and my inner voices. I know what I must do to get out of my rut, I know it is always a work in progress, but sometimes you just want to be able to just get out of your own head for a while and be normal. But, what I perceive to be normal is not normal to someone else, I just need to remember how I feel when I am in my happy moment, my balance, my zen.

I know it is not just me that thinks this way there is many others out there that think those thoughts all day every day.  To all those that have rough weeks, rough days or even rough moments, remember you are AMAZING.

My one passion is reading and for many months I even stopped reading or it would take me forever to read a single book. I have my groove back and have read a few in the last month. Also a friend of mine and myself have started a book-club, that way when I find myself in a rut I know my one passion is to keep reading.

I know many have suggested meditation, and I know it works, my problem is one day I will do it and the next I won’t, it continues like this until I realize my time for myself has been comprised and I no longer take that extra time just for me. So I have started even just for five minutes a day to sit and meditate, and I will increase it slowly, but for now this is working. That extra five minutes of me time is perfect to remind myself that I am worth it.

Self-doubt has always been a big issue for me, when you think anything you do is just not good enough. I know deep inside it is, I work hard and create beautiful inspiring and positive energy items. I know who I am on a good day and just need to remind myself on those bad days of who I am and that I am good enough and that I am amazing.

The struggle is real, just know you are not alone. We all have our battles that we are dealing with. We all have our bad days, and just like storms they too shall pass.

Message of the day:


Day 29- Where have you traveled.

When I was a kid our family used to go to the States all the time. I have been to Boston, Mass; Hudson, Mass; Rhode Island; Taunton, Mass; Santa Maria, Azores, Portugal (twice); Venus, Florida. I think I may have gone to other places and just can’t remember.

In Canada I really haven’t been to too many places, but I have been to Kingston; Toronto; Sudbury; Barrie; Muskoka; St. Catherine’s; Listowel; Niagara Falls; Port Dover; and so many other little places around my town.

I would love to travel to more places in Canada as well as outside of my Country.

Stay Positive, Stay Awesome

Day 28- What are you looking forward to

So many great things coming up this year and just in life generally. I love waking up and wondering what new things will I learn today. Who will I run into on this journey.

I love having by shop days at my house with my business The Broomcloset, the amazing people I meet, the amazing things I can share with people and learn from people.

I am looking forward to Kaboom Fest in the middle of May, it is the May long weekend 3 days and I have an indoor booth. last year there was over 6000 people who came through their, this will be exciting and beautiful meeting so many wonderful and diverse people. I am so going to smudge myself as well just so I am covering all my bases. There will be a lot of energies going through there.

Also, in July I am heading off to New York city, for one day but it is better than nothing. I can’t wait to set my feet down in NYC. Loving life.

Stay Positive, Stay Awesome and remember dreams do come true.

Day 27-Post your favorite Recipe

I have so many recipes that I love, the funny thing is that the best recipes are the ones that just throw stuff together. So right now I am going by memory for this one and have no idea what to call it.

1 can of mushroom soup
one pound of stewing beef
a couple of cups of peas
Cooked eggnoodles

I mixed all the above ingredients in a crock pot and put it on high heat for 4 hours omg it was amazing.

Random Ramblings about fear

Today before I do my blog day challenge I wanted to write just about anything that was on my mind lately.

The warmer weather is approaching us which means beautiful sunshine, and just glorious days spent outside. Makes me very happy indeed.

Yesterday I posted on my business site that I was offering readings for a good certain price, not just free readings but in person. Oh My Gosh if any of the readers know me they would know that was one my  fears was reading cards for people face to face. I can do my friends and family members but to actually do other people I do not know scared me a bit.

Let me tell you why this scares me:

  1. I did not know if I could trust what thoughts were coming to my mind with respect to the cards being read.
  2. I felt self-conscious about having to read the book that comes with the card, and I realize now that there is some people who still read the book as well. And that it is okay to do that and no to be ashamed of it.
  3. Sometimes I would hear something or feel something and then not trust my intuition and not say it.

See fear does things to us and sometimes prevents us from taking the next step in our journey. Fear at times stops us dead in our tracks, fear corners us and makes us thing we can’t do something when in fact we can do it.

I love working with all my oracle decks that I have, but for the meantime have chosen two decks that I really like to really work with them and understand them. I also have a rider waite deck that I am starting to like, they were gifted to me last year and never really did anything with them. The book that comes with them is really small typing and not in a very good order, so I use a different book that has to do with tarot and that goes along with the same meaning and use them when I use those tarot. I have my eye on a real nice deck once I have time and feel that it is time to get them.

There is my random ramblings for the day about fear. I know fear is natural emotion that most of us feel. Sometimes we have to just leap and let the net catch us.

Stay Positive, Stay Awesome.